About Club MO

Club MO wants to remove traditional barriers to a better you. Schedules, ill-fitted workouts, injuries and impersonal instructors can all limit motivation for a fitter you. We want to reorient you towards health and wellness by making fitness approachable and fun. We offer the trainer, the plan, workout flexibility and the FUN.

What is Club MO?

We are a fitness club that caters to your needs. Finding time and a comfortable place to work out can present traditional barriers to fitness. We provide personalized training that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

While offering all the services of typical gyms, we strive to remove the barriers of time and place. You pick both and we’ll handle getting there and adapting the environment to you rather than the other way around. Occasionally you may need escape from the home or office. For those times we offer refuge in our studio located at the IX complex near downtown Charlottesville.

Why Club MO?

  • We get YOUWe understand that you are a real person and most likely not a fitness model. "You do not have to stop living to get healthy, you get healthy to start living" -KMO

  • YOUR BODY YOUR PACE. It is your body and your life. We will give you all the tools and motivation but will not be a 'Drill Sergeant'. As long as you are moving and growing you will see lifelong changes. 
  • We offer location flexibility. You pick the workout space. We can be a Mo Pro right in your living room, favorite park or office. Wherever you choose, we’ll be there with a workout.
  • We adapt to your schedule. With us half the battle is already won. You’re busy, let a Mo Pro drive to you or meet at our studio if necessary. With a Mo Pro at the door any temptation to skip a workout is not an option. Or come in at anytime(during studio hours) and follow our programmed workout routine.

  • We are personal. We can’t think of much else more personal than your body and your goals for staying fit. Whatever your history, we’ll listen and focus on a better you. Just know that we are equitable with our own “intense verbal motivation”!

  • We make accountability fun. We are your personal coach, teammate and cheerleader. We may even play the clown, minus the big floppy shoes.


Have Questions?

Give a call at 434-242-9969 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Free Consultations

Club MO offers free consultations so we can customize a workout plan that fits your life!