Our Equipment

MoGo Van

Our MoGoVans are the other stars at Club MO. More than just MoPro transport they are integral to a fitter you. Think of these vans as your personal on-call, fleet of fitness equipment lockers. You can now resist buying more dust-gathering fitness equipment and access our informed selections. Under the “antlers” of the MoGoVans you’ll find the following goodies:

  • Free weights including barbells + kettlebells
  • ViPR for movement + strengthening training
  • Bands and webbing for suspension training
  • Gloves and padding for boxing
  • Mats, blocks for yoga
  • Medicine balls
  • Lebert straps for resistance buddy system training
  • Spri 360 stabilization for core strengthening + balance
  • Core Fitness Rollers
  • And we are constantly evaluating and adding new equipment!

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Free Consultations

Club MO offers free consultations so we can customize a workout plan that fits your life!