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CLUB MO’s select group of professionals with expertise in yoga, pilates, boxing, and even gritty old-school weight lifting. They can also help guide you with nutrition, weight management, mental deprogramming and barrier breakthroughs. Meet them. Use them. They will help craft a better you.

Kalil MohammedKalil MO

Founder /Master Trainer/ Public Speaker/MOtivator

The gym has been a part of Kalil's life since he was fourteen when he first started lifting for football. Many years after his "glory days" Kalil found himself in a gym working out with an unwanted 60+ lbs of weight. Kalil made a decision to take control of his life. His commitment to a healthier lifestyle motivated him to create CLUB MO, a company focused on making transformations like his own. Kalil wants his success to motivate and transform others. Kalil is a Certified Master Personal Trainer, Kettle Bell Certified, and is continuously learning and growing. Kalil hires ‘MOPro’s’(personal trainers) that want to make a difference in their client’s lives while living and leading by example. "All it takes is that first mental step to make a difference in your life. We are here to guide you through the rest. It starts with you..."


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Club MO offers free consultations so we can customize a workout plan that fits your life!