Individual Sessions:

After determining your fitness goals, we respond with an attainable program to get you there. That tailored program can include the following disciplines for getting you fit:

  • Healthy LivingHealthy Living
    So perhaps you aren't planning to knock out a double Ironman triathlon this year. Maybe you’re thinking, “I just want to be more conscious of the food I eat and maintain a balanced level of fitness.” We realize not everyone wants or needs to be superhuman. By offering a program that informs how you can best balance quality caloric intake with expenditure, we can help you achieve a healthy diet and level of fitness that also allows for guilt-free gelato.

  • SuspensionSuspension + Buddy System Training
    Here you will actually work against yourself and others. Trust us though, this is far from self-defeating. You will gain strength and fitness using your body weight and an ingenious system of webbing and ropes. Action heros aren’t the only ones with trick webbing.

  • Weight TrainingWeight Lifting
    This is where you press, lift, squat, curl and, yes, grunt. You will challenge various muscle groups with high repetitions and low weight loads. You will also challenge your perception of what your body is capable of and help you realize the empowerment of accomplishment.

  • YogaYoga
    Even the most resilient among us need help to find that happy place. This strength and flexibility training balances our lineup’s more kinetic workouts for a holistic approach for getting fit. Our combination of yoga, pilates and tai chi will leave you rejuvenated, calm and centered. You may find you need to balance this great feeling with a bit more boxing.

  • BoxingBoxing 
    Sometimes you are allowed to hit back. This cardio workout borrows from boxing and various martial arts that will unleash all the dynamic energy stored from watching those slick, violent Korean martial arts flicks you’ve been sneaking late at night. To think all this fun is in the name of getting fit.




Though the workouts are programed, we formulate our workouts to engage the whole body using different modalities. You truly move at YOUR PACE and level of intensity. This is definitely not a one size fits all program! Come in and check out your first time for FREE!!!


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Club MO offers free consultations so we can customize a workout plan that fits your life!